auto hail damage repair or removal on red durango hood

Walt Wiegand PDR

We do it right


 I'll make it brief.  I was born, grew up, graduated, got in and out of the U.S. military service, worked for Walt Disney World, moved, worked at a bakery, West Teleservices, taught at a Christian school, remodeled,
managed apartments, and then I learned Paintless Dent Repair.  I traveled, more and landed here in Oklahoma City.

 I work hard.  I'm really good at what I do.  I expect to be paid well for what I do.  I expect others to have the same work ethic, quality of product, success expectations, drive, and synergistic demeanor.  My primary desire is to provide the customer the best quality repair for the industry standard established price.

Win/win or no deal.  Deal?

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